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Our story.

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Our story began when we needed a way to raise funds for my husband’s high school basketball team and I thought of my beloved big bubbles and my obsession with perfecting my own home made bubble soap and my home made bubble wand. We set up a booth at the Harbor Market with some of Al’s high school basketball players and their parents to sell this one wand. Our basketball players demonstrated our wand and soap in the field behind our booth as children and adults came from all around to play in the bubbles. It was magical!  Our volunteer parents  worked in the booth stringing wands and making sales.  We did not have any funding to start with, no name for our product, and our volunteers could only take cash.  We quickly adapted and found ways to get creative and began to recycle and repurpose the jugs in which to sell our magic bubble soap. We made paper labels that just said “big bubble soap” and stuck them to the jugs with tape.  Even so, we still sold our two bubble items. LIKE CRAZY!


Our first week of our fundraiser, to the delight of everyone, we sold out in just two hours and made a profit of $800.00.  Customers were begging to purchase the last left over cup of soap we had still in our demo bucket.  We sold many wands and jugs of soap in those 3 weeks of the fundraiser and people still wanted for more!  


It was at about that time, the company my husband worked for had gone through restructuring, and I was also a full time parent, teacher’s aide, and a full time College student at night.   As a family were in urgent need of additional ways to generate more revenue for the family. 


That is when we thought of our bubbles, our fundraiser, and decided to go for it open our own bubble booth as a means to help our own situation.

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Lisa and Al Anderson

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