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Our wands are hand crafted with the best strings and bubble making materials for a no fail big bubble that lasts and lasts.  We offer a variety of wands to suite a variety entertainment needs. Our magic bubble powder packets are powder packets that are convenient to carry, mail, or to bring along while traveling.  Just mix with soap and water when you’re ready to make some bubbly fun. Our bubbles are brilliant, colorful, and will float much further than any other big bubble soaps. People often say they look like floating rainbow jellyfish.


Products available to ship directly to you.

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Local purchases only. Find us at one of several events to grab one!

Basic Combo Special - $20.00

Includes: Small wand, and 3 pack of mix your own powders
OR a gallon of soap, and a free bucket. 

Hand Made Bubble Wands

Basic Wands

Make huge bubbles
Small Wand - $10.00 / Large Wand - $15.00

Loop Wands

Makes a variety of plum, orange and grapefruit sized bubbles

Small Loop Wand - $ 15.00 / Large Loop Wand - $20.00


Small Hoop Wand - $10.00

Large Hoop Wand - $15.00

Easy to use hoop wand makes tubular bubbles (comes with dipping tray)

Travel Wand

Telescoping Wand compact for travel (for adult use) - $15.00

The Big Dipper Wand - $15.00

This wand is great for smaller children or for making tricks.  With one dip you can make a large wand the size of a cantaloupe, and many small bubbles all at the same time.  This wand comes with a refill 3 pack of our magic bubble soap powder. 

Big Bubble Soap Options

Pre made gallon of premium soap - $10.00

3 pack of Magic bubble powder Mix up powder and Dawn to make 3 gallons on your own - $10.00


Contact us today to talk about our other services.

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Bubble Machine Rental

We have two professional bubble machines for rent.  We have a $50 deposit and each bubble machine is available for $50 per day. Deposit will be returned upon return of your machine. A gallon of our soap is included!

Specialty Baskets

$30.00 per basket

Includes a wand, a 1/2 gallon of soap, 1 3/pack powder mix your own 3 gallons of soap refills, a toy, coloring activity,  and misc. fidgets and favors .

Events and Functions

Contact us today!

Contact us today to have Beyond Bubbly at your next event. From school and work functions to church and charity events, we bring fun to them all!

$50.00 per day

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